Friday, November 30, 2012

My First Accidental Farmer Post

Seriously, farming was never my choice as an occupation. It all happened accidentally, and, as events conspired, I had help along the way, from people who doubted me (Idiot Girl, and just about everybody else), people who played me (Idiot Girl) and actually, people who I thought were helping me (yep, Idiot Girl again).

Looking back, there seems to have been an inevitability about it. Nature was bringing me back to the earth, from where we all began to where we all will end. In our lives, we act as either good stewards of the land and the water or despoilers of what nature provides. Most of us fall somewhere in between, technology and society having separated us from our natural surroundings to varying degrees.

Maybe my life's trek, and my ultimate rejection of corporations, government and generally-accepted mores and rules of society wasn't accidental after all. Perhaps it was part of a larger plan, drawing me away from people and things that crowd out understanding and a spiritual sense of propriety and well-being.

As events overtook me - quietly, softly, gently - I began to accept the soil, water, wind, sun, rain, birds, insects, and found solace in them, away from society, away from the nonsense of "modern living" and towards an inner peace and confidence that I hadn't even known I was missing.

Summer turned to fall and fall to winter. The plants I started from seeds in spring had grown, flowered and fruited, and died. The cycle of life was complete, though I still stood standing. It seemed unfair in a way, that nature would give so much and ask so little. Only to be nurtured by itself, to be left alone.

It's a late afternoon on a November Friday. It's already been dark for more than half an hour as our spinning globe of planet Earth tilts on its axis, inexorably winding toward the Winter Solstice, thankfully, now just three short weeks away.

Now, I long for the warmth and longer days of summer, already. Winter, the cruel season, approaches, but soon, it will all begin again.

My saga shall proceed.

-- Fearless Rick