Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Accidental Farmer Scores Again!

Well, sometimes you just get lucky, but always and everywhere, it pays to ask.

I was looking for a wheelbarrow, because with the new property under contract (more about this later, when time permits), I have had the need to haul things around an acre of land and figured that instead of breaking my back, a good wheelbarrow would make sense.

Contacted a fellow out in Geneseo through Craigslist, who had a nifty, vintage 4 cu. ft. Radio Flyer listed. After speaking to him a bit, he informed me that he and his wife were moving to North Carolina and needed to sell everything, so I asked if he had any other farming or gardening implements.

He replied that he did, and agreed to meet me about half-way, in the parking lot of Dick's Sporting Goods at Marketplace Mall in Henrietta, bringing with him some other, unspecified things he thought might interest me.

After sizing up the wheelbarrow for $25, I figured this was a pretty good deal and started looking through the rest of what he'd brought along. All of it was in excellent condition and high quality, so I just asked, "how much for everything?"

The answer to that question is below the photo and description of what I bought, which, as shown in the photo, was a nice selection of great farm/garden tools.

The Haul:

Foreground: Radio Flyer 4 cu. ft. wheelbarrow; 5 Gallon Gas Can; WeedEater electric "GroundSweeper" leaf blower; Flo-Master 1 gal. all-purpose sprayer; 100-foot heavy duty extension cord.

Back row, left to right: 6-foot wooden step-ladder; 2 straight-edge shovels; long-handled axe; garden claw; long-handle shovel; bow saw with blade; double-edge grass whip; sod chopper; crowbar; adjustable pipe wrench; shovel; Black & Decker cordless string trimmer with two battery packs and charger; three rakes, 24 in. shop broom (not shown: snow shovel).

OK, so how much did the fellow want and how much did I pay.

I looked this stuff up on the internet and to buy it all new would be well over $600.

OK, OK, so how much did I pay?

$300? Nope.

$200? No sir-ee.

$100? Come on!

The fellow said everything for fifty-five dollars and I thought about it for maybe a nano-second and said, "deal," whipped out three twenties and handed them to him. He got out his wallet, gave me five back and helped me load it all into my van, and away I went, happy as a kid in a candy shop.

Yep. I'm gonna be a farmer, accidentally, of course.

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